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2084.tel:\>_Yes, we are developing a2p chatbots, as are many great organizations. At Summit, we're delivering business messaging and 5G innovation through our modern-day call center bots, VR live streaming shopping bots and cellular IoT bots, but what is likely our v coolest bot is 2084.tel, an interactive role-playing tech-noir adventure—made with Summit RCS MaaP using built-in tools supporting bot development for gaming. Oh the irony, we, the passionate advocates of RCS bots develop 2084, the antithesis of ai and bots. In essence, 2084 is our way of letting everyone know, we are in tune with what makes us human, and we create the future with this in mind. In this age of social disruption, unchecked technology and turbulent politics, 2084 is our checks and balances.

It’s a fascinating time to be a network operator. Opportunities seem endless with the advent of 5G, Cellular IoT, Ai and Rich Communication Services with MobileConnect.
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