Summit provides software solutions for IP communication services, social networking applications, multi-platform eCommerce, wellness / mHealth, home automation & entertainment services including next generation virtual reality integrated with IMS/RCS.

RCS Clients & IMS Web Gateway

IMS services supporting RCS & WebRTC

Whether it is RCS 5.1, 5.2, Enriched Call or RCS-e joyn Blackbird & Crane, maybe you deploy messaging based on OMA SIMPLE IM or OMA CPM, in all cases there are many options to consider. Your network may integrate Presence, SIP OPTIONS or both, maybe your device strategy is based on embedded implementations or Telco-OTT apps (or you wisely choose both, with support for secondary devices such as tablets, laptops etc). Your device team will target platforms; Android™, iOS® , Windows® or Blackberry® - primary devices as smartphones and secondary devices as tablets, desktops, smart TVs and even IoT. Then there are web clients enabled through network APIs, terminal RCS APIs, WebRTC, gaming APIs and so much more. For all your requirements - there is only but one truly multi-platform IMS / RCS client.

Picture of RCS client running on different devices
Home Hub

Summit's RCS Connected Home - adding value to IMS/RCS networks.

Home Automation integrated through IMS overcomes many challenging aspects of existing solutions deployed through proprietary platforms. No need to create user accounts with new usernames and passwords, simply connect it to a network, activate through your smartphone, and provision IoT devices. It unifies services across standards based devices such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, Insteon, Bluetooth and Wi-fi, under one centralized service offered through a reliable, secure and standards-based provider - your telecom operator.

  • Based on mobile identity, location or proximity, auto lock / unlock doors, retrieve status. Doorbells send notifications globally to family members resulting in real-time RCS Video Share session.
  • Security cameras seamlessly integrate with your alarm system by activating home RCS Video Share sessions linked to emergency services when alarms are triggered.
  • Through RCS messages, your home environment system instantly notifies you of actions it will take to ensure efficient and cost saving operations.
  • Family members can Arm / Disarm the system effortlessly with location push, e.g. when everyone’s away - arm the system, or through voice commands using Amazon Echo.
  • Automate home lighting systems for ambiance, energy conservation and security.

eCommerce Platform

User experience adaptive to both desktop browsers and mobile platforms

The Summit eCommerce Platform can be fully integrated with current systems; POS, ERP, carrier APIs, increasing end-to end efficiency in operations and support.

Mobile APIs for mCommerce enabled apps, including support for crypto currencies.

Custom Responsive Design adapts to desktops, smartphones, tablets and set-top-boxes. Supporting mCommerce, eCommerce, in-App purchases with innovation project for Mobile Payment.

Why offer the same website template site as your competitor? Your brand is unique, so should your design. PS: your site needs to look good on all platforms. We'll make sure it does.

Support and upgrades ensuring the latest-and-greatest innovations

We are not just delivering a site and walking away, we are here to help build your brand. Our engineering and development teams can build and integrate the features you require when the business needs arises. You have a full tech team on your side.

Persona mobile screens

Summit persona

Native VoLTE / RCS client integration including GSMA Enriched Calling. Embedded Smartphone solutions on Android, Windows and Linux, including fully integrated solutions for IMS/VoLTE conferencing systems and set-top-boxes.

RCS services, chat, fileshare, VoLTE / VoHSPA / VoWiFi and Video calling integrated directly into core Android applications. Enriched Calling support. Hardware optimized codecs, IMS APN, ISIM, AEC.


experience life. live

BeamMeTo is an innovative live share IMS / RCS social networking platform that allows people to share media with contributors and requestors in real-time through GSMA RCS and Enriched Calling.

Based on location or event, Beamers share real-time photos and video streams, including immersive 360 degree virtual reality (VR) video feeds with Oculus Rift users, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard.

Beamers earn rewards/reputation based on accepted-videoShare-sessions and community ratings.

Incredible user experience by overlaying RCS Video Calling, RCS chat and fileshare on to 360 degree VR video streams based on RCS Location Share and Social Presence.

Social Virtual Reality


Easily develop value-added-services (VAS) with Summit's IMS API - from RCS 5.2, RCS 5.3, joyn Blackbird, joyn Crane, Enriched Calling to VoLTE.

Enriched Call : all the benefits of VoLTE and CS Voice: QoS, embedded, all the advantages of next-gen RCS: call subject, file / location share, sketch, messaging, enriched call logs & more :

MeetMeAt : Location based RCS mini apps leveraging in-device APIs.
A concierge scheduling & location service which auto-sends RCS notifications when you're en route or prompt you to notify others when you're late.

Mobile Gaming Platform: Nexos IMS
Games integrated with the Summit IMS SDK offer enhanced RCS in-game communication & game service capabilities : Game Lobby, Buddy Lists, In-Game Voice, Presence, Chat, Video Share

RCS Widgets : High level mobile app RCS API accessible to 3rd parties.
HD Voice Call, Video Calling, messaging and notification services directly from the home screen

Map showing meeting place and time


RCS Service Provisioning - Auto Configuration Server (ACS)

RCS Service Provisioning - Auto Configuration Server (ACS) The Summit Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) allows operators to easily deploy a scalable RCS provisioning solution. Current device management solutions can be complex to integrate with existing services across devices and platforms, ranging from smartphones, tablets, PCs to web clients. ACS (autoconfiguration server) shortens time-to-market and reduces risk on complex service deployments by focusing on an operator's specific RCS configuration requirements, including Mobile Device Management solutions. With the added ability to support operator specific requirements, Summit’s RCS accredited GSMA clients + Summit’s proven ACS solution = ...the ideal foundation from which an operator can anchor a complex IMS deployment.


is an extension to the RCS Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) enabling real-time customer support services, engineering / testing tools facilitating trials and deployments, as well as a marketing and analytics engine.

+ Cap is the ideal tool for automated testing of IMS networks through the deployment of thousands of IMS probes (virtual clients) executing test cases from messaging, file transfer to voice and video calling, validating network functionality and scaling capabilities.

Diagram showing ACS server's place in an operator's network

RCS Web Echo

The web chat service operators can quickly launch on any IMS network.

Users simply link their Summit RCS mobile app with a web browser, then instantly send and receive messages through the web.

For operators, the ability to deploy a simple and quick web chat service, extending RCS mobile users with multi-screen capability.

Picture showing messages showing up on the phone RCS application and the web browser RCS application